Gem Kiddie Rides a passion for quality entertainment

The Present: Design, Production, Sales and

Kiddie Rides maintenance of quality

The Gem Kiddie Rides today, designs, manufactures, sells Kiddie Rides quality using qualified professionals, ensuring each stage of development and assistance.

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History of Gem was born at the beginning of Kiddie Rides years '80, with the professional development of Paolo Loparco. In recent years, Paul, a little more than a boy begins to acquire experience and the passion that will one day be together Fabio Boni the Gem Kiddie Rides.
Paolo and Fabio grew with the enthusiasm, passion and impetus that led to fundamental progressive and constant development of their business.
The experience gained in the sector, initially employed by other companies, and successful collaboration with other partners, each specializing in their skills (painters, panel beaters, electricians, designers, graphic designers, etc..) helped to create the dream of Paul and Fabio and that is to create brand products Gem, the result ofquality and craftsmanship that characterizes the Italian product.
Today, Gem, always attentive to the evolution technology, is presented on the web with its products with the same precious wealth of professionalism and quality that communicate each day with the facts, who already knows them.

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In addition to Paolo Loparco and Fabio Boni who are the founding members of the Gem Kiddie Rides, the staff is composed of several employees, they also moved by the same passion.

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The Venue

The venue is a warehouse of 600 qm., 400 qm. used as a warehouse, 50 qm. used as an office, and 150 square meters. used as a place where all our best products are born: the workshop.

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Paolo Lopalco

Fabio Boni




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