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Kiddie Rides - Features

Every product we Kiddie Rides single, because it is the result of an artisan, so much passion and commitment that make each piece unique.
Depending on the type of product movements may be a simple 2 points, 2 points or double-pass wave-like motion.
Kiddie Ride cateroria of each animal can only accommodate a "passenger ". Each coin has an easily accessible and allows customization of the number of coins to start the game.

Kiddie Rides - Aesthetics and Safety

Kiddie Rides All of our production is carried in every detail the aesthetic and safety.
IOur products are conceived, designed and painted to achieve a high visual impact to secure approval and a high comfort for our younger users. Kiddie Rides Each is equipped with music, sounds, noises and lights that the perfect environment.
In addition, all Kiddie Rides we produce are manufactured using Italian components and certified. All paints used are not toxic to humans and selected posters are not absolutely harmful to children.

Kiddie Rides - Service and Maintenance

The Kiddie Rides we produce are easily and quickly inspected and maintained by the same operator also thanks to the simplicity and quality mechanics and electronics and detailed manual multilanguage.
Any repairs and maintenance can be performed at the our workshop or at the customer

Kiddie Rides - Certifications and Warranty

All our Kiddie Rides we produce are guaranteed to provide for the existing standard and are all equipped with certification CE.
All components are Italian, quality, certified and guaranteed.

Kiddie Rides - Used

We have several Kiddie Rides used, reconditioned, overhauled and tested, some even under warranty. Go to section.

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Measures 110x140x185
Weight 105 Kg.

Measures 97x215x140
Weight 115 Kg.

Measures 100x140x110
Weight 98 Kg.

Measures 120x145x115
Weight 121 Kg.

Measures 105x150x120
Weight 105 Kg.

Measures 98x77x100
Weight 70 Kg.

Measures 98x77x100
Weight 70 Kg.